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See how your SEO is delivering results with daily monitoring via our Rank Tracker. Our tool shows all the important metrics to help you make smarter decisions and more effective SEO strategies.

Complete transparency for all your campaigns? It’s possible with our SEO Rank Tracker.

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More Visibility on Keyword Ranking Performance

Dive into your campaign’s performance and see which keywords are driving the most impact with the Rank Tracker. Our keyword rank tracking software is easy to use.

Add Your Keywords

Specify the keywords you want to track. The Rank Tracker also provides suggestions for your keyword tracking.

Include Target Locations

Add the location for your keywords so you have a more laser-focused approach for monitoring keyword performance.

Add Tags to Label Your Keywords

Use tags to organize and filter data on the rank tracking tool. Grouping your keywords with the same tags can help you further refine your SEO strategy.

A Platform That Gives a Snapshot of SEO Essentials


From keyword rank tracker to analytics – access our white label dashboard with a full suite of integrations for performance monitoring.

Real-time Reporting

Get up-to-date information for campaigns to provide comprehensive analysis and quick reporting on your SEO dashboard.


Find out what needs to be improved on a website and deliver accurate recommendations to increase rankings with an SEO Audit.