Create reports anytime, anywhere and show the value of your work instantly

Save Time Creating Reports for Clients

Make campaign reporting a breeze with our Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to generate reports with real-time data pulled from campaign integrations. You can choose the timeframe for the data and add the data as different sections for the report.

No need to contact your Project Manager to generate reports for your clients – you can create them right on your dashboard with the Report Builder.

Looking for Growth? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Growth begins with the right tools, strategy, and resources. We’re here to provide all three.

A Platform That Gives a Snapshot of SEO Essentials

SEO Dashboard

Monitor campaigns and report progress with our SEO dashboard. Get a full view of keyword rankings, backlinks, organic traffic, and monthly trends.

Rank Tracker

Keep an eye on the most important keywords for campaigns. Add keywords you want to track and get ranking updates on your dashboard.

GMB Dashboard

See the results of your local SEO solutions. Our GMB dashboard features listing activities, reviews, and customer behaviors for your local SEO strategy.

Creating Reports Has Never Been This Easy

Custom or Templated – It’s Up to You

Create a blank report, choose from our templates, or clone an existing report – you have multiple options to get started.

Design to Fit Your Agency’s Brand

The reports are built to match your agency’s branding, featuring your logo and name on the cover.

Easy to Display the Right Data

Want to show traffic improvements? Ranking trends? Competition analysis? You can add all the data to the report without the effort.

Cut the Hours Spent on Building Reports

Transparency is a valued trait in every agency. Being transparent doesn’t mean spending hours creating reports – hours that you could have spent on finding more prospects and building better relationships with clients.

No More Copying and Pasting

All the data you need is on the dashboard so you don’t need to log into different tools and compile information into your reports.

A Few Clicks and You’re Done

We eliminate the distractions that come with building reports. Prepare reports in minutes with just a few clicks on the Report Builder.