SEO Audit Tool

How well is a website performing? One way to find out – use our SEO audit tool to get a comprehensive website performance analysis.

A Detailed SEO Audit in 2 Minutes? You Got It.

Present key SEO metrics and action points for your strategies. Our SEO audits include all the essential website performance date:

Need a quick and detailed SEO audit for a website? Our SEO website audit tool can do this for you in less than two minutes.

Find out what works, what to improve, and what your next steps are with a thorough SEO analysis from our audit tool.

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An SEO Audit Packed with Value for Your Clients

Make it easier to explain how websites can improve. The SEO Audit tool provides you with a neat report that serves as a foundation for your SEO service strategy.

What You’ll Find in the SEO Website Audit

Get Your SEO Audits Instantly

No need to spend hours looking at different SEO tools, getting data, and compiling your recommendations in one document – you can provide an SEO website audit instantly with our tool.

All You Need is Your Prospect’s Website

Simply input your prospect’s URL on the Website Audit tool and it will automatically generate the report.

Send Directly to Your Prospects

Email a white label SEO audit to your prospects. The Website Audit tool also connects to your CRM so you can instantly generate reports for your contacts.

The Ultimate Lead Capturing and Sales Tool For Resallers


Download and install our WordPress agency plugin to use the SEO audit widget on your website.


Assess website performance, generate SEO audits and send them to your prospects in real-time!


Connect to our CRM & build leads list every time a user enters their domain and email from the widget.