Backlink Removal & Link Detox Services

Link building is part of a complete SEO solution. Start by removing the bad ones.

Link cleanup is tedious and time-consuming. So let us do it for you!

  • Leave the Work to Us

    Spend more time looking after your clients instead of going over thousands of backlinks. We’ll take care of your clients’ link detox needs

  • We Take The Time To Do It Right

    Each backlink will go through a link audit to determine its health and risk level. Then we go through a removal process to clean up the bad links.

  • Our Link Detox Solution, Your Brand

    Our Backlink Removal & Link Detox service is fully white labeled. We work behind the scenes while you get the credit.

Four Steps to Help Your Client Recover from Penguin’s Wrath!

Several years after the update and webmasters are still learning the lessons of Penguin. Here are the basic steps we’ll go through to get you back in Google’s good graces.

1. We use tools from Majestic and Ahrefs as well as Search Console to discover all the backlinks pointed to your sights.

2. Using Link Detox from LinkResearchTools, we analyze each link followed by manually visiting each site to verify if it’s spammy.

3. With the help of, we find contact information for each domain and submit link removal requests to their webmasters.

4. We disavow any remaining bad links through Search Console and submit reconsideration requests if necessary.

No Two Local Businesses Are Alike

Our services include a team of highly-trained experts for you and your agency. Unlike other white label companies, our software and services give you a scalable methodology combined with the SEO fulfilment service, tools and white label dashboard to help you drive more traffic to your clients, so you can sell more packages than ever.

Link Clean Up – Small

Did you hire a shady SEO guy in the past? Remedy your backlink situation with our white label tools as a part of your SEO strategy.

Link Clean Up – Medium

Tumbling down the rankings or have a history of Webmaster warnings? Let us figure out what the problem is and disavow before it’s too late.

Link Clean Up – Large

You have already disappeared from the search rankings and there’s an active Webmaster warning. The situation is dire and time to act.

Manage The Risk Of Bad Links To Your Sites

As of September 2016, Penguin is now a part of the Google algorithm crawling the web regularly.

This means that constantly monitoring your clients’ links while simultaneously link building on high authority sites with natural anchor text is as important as ever.

With our Link Detox packages, your clients will have a powerful strategy against Google Penguin penalties

  • Risk level analysis of each link

  • Removal of any toxic backlinks

  • Anchor text extraction

  • Ensure link diversity

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you have a link clean up when you suspect an algorithmic penalty or when there is an unnatural links warning in Search Console. A great way to determine if a link is unnatural, without the warning, is to ask yourself if a link actually brings quality traffic to you site. Also, is the link coming from a website or content that is related to your website? If the answer is no, it’s unnatural. You can use Search Console to generally evaluate your backlinks

We recommend that you have a link clean up when you suspect an algorithmic penalty or when there is an unnatural We use our tools to reach out to webmasters and request link removal at least twice and we do so as politely as possible which is always the best method. Some links which Google considers unnatural are not actually bad links and some webmasters will take exception to the request. For these links and any others that refuse, don’t respond or for some reason link removal is not possible, we disavow the links.

Google’s disavow tool allows webmasters to tell Google that they don’t want Google’s algorithm to consider specific incoming links when ranking their site. It’s a great tool and using it is sufficient action in the case of a penalty from the Google algorithm. In the case of a manual penalty, which means someone at Google manually checked your site and found spammy or unnatural links, disavowing is not sufficient and you need to have the links removed or show that you attempted to do so. Actually having the bad links removed, rather than disavowing, is good practice in both cases.

Unfortunately, the time frame for recovery from a Google penalty varies case to case. Some sites are able to recover from a Google penalty in mere weeks while others take years to clean their backlink portfolio. Still others find the task too time consuming or impossible and abandon their sites altogether. Backlink cleanup and removal accompanied simultaneously by natural link building and creating compelling content for the site is the best approach.

You’ll only receive notification via Search Console in the case of a manual penalty. You will see the warning by clicking in the Manual Actions section of Search Traffic. If Google’s algorithm found what it considered as bad links you will not receive a warning and will only know via a drop in the search rankings or with diligent link clean up. 7Great Media has tools than can help identify if there is a problem.

Penguin is a 2012 update to the Google algorithm, also known as PageRank, that determines the ranking on a search engine results page. It was specifically designed to find and punish sites that were using bad links usually acquired through shady SEO techniques such as paying for the links or using link building schemes. There were some sites that were not participating in shady SEO but nonetheless suffered as a result of the update.

There are two types of manual action penalties – site wide and partial. In both cases, it means that “a human reviewer has determined that pages on your site are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines,” according to Google. Site wide manual action penalties are more serious because “flagged sites can be demoted or even removed entirely from Google search results.”

Not necessarily but it could mean that black hat SEO has been used. There are also white hat SEO techniques, like backlinks in guests posts, that when used in excess could be considered bad links. Paid links and spam comments are definite black hat SEO techniques that will be discovered and penalized by Penguin. It can be difficult to determine what is good and what is bad. 7GreatMedia can help determine if link removal is a good idea.

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